Local Man Still Very Upset Over Ending Of “I Am Legend”

Rochester,NY- While the election has taken over most of  americans thoughts these days and now with news of president trump, it seems as if America only has one thing on its mind. Yet over in the small town of Fairport, Kyle Metzer has been slowly trying to understand why the ending of one his favorite movies ” I Am Legend”, is so bad! We spoke with Kyle to really understand this situation.

” You know, I just feel as if killing off the main character was just a complete cop out, I mean the entire movie they’re telling the audience that this guy has been a one man killing machine for years and all of sudden he just decides the best option is to take his own life? I mean he could of hid himself from the monsters, he could of sacrificed the kid and the woman! This guy has been f***ing killing monsters by himself in New York City and this was his best option? I just dont buy it. I’ve written my own ending and sent it to the studios a couple of times. In my ending, Will Smith ends up building his own personal Jetpack and ditches the woman and kid to be eaten by the zombie/vampire creatures? Then he ends up building a robot version of his dog that died in the movie, those two together decide to travel to the past to try to stop the zombie/vampire invasion before it ever happened.”

We asked Kyle if has actually ever seen “I Am Legend’. This was his response.

” I’ve only seen parts of it when it comes on TNT. I’m trying to be a screenplay writer”

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