University With One of the State’s Highest STD Rates Angry Over Coronavirus Quarantine.

Brockport, NY – Five SUNY and CUNY students currently living in countries affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 are being recalled. The students upon their return could be housed in a number of quarantine locations including a dormitory at SUNY Brockport. The Inner Loop Blog was on the scene to ask students what they thought about this possibility.

  • ‘Yo but for real though I’m mad concerned’ Tyler Jacobs a third-year sophomore at Brockport reported. ‘It’s like I am going to have to wear a rubber now? Scary stuff, it just don’t feel the same. Yeah they call me the clapper because of how I be spreading my chlamydia son! Clap on, Clap off, da clapper holla at cha boy!’

The Inner Loop Blog was able to speak with a parent who voiced her concern over the possible quarantine location. ‘Yes my daughter Katie is on campus and is extremely vigilant about cleanliness and staying healthy. She is my baby and I would just die if anything would happen to her. Oh yes, I don’t see how that relevant but yes she’s dating Tyler Jacobs. Such a nice boy, a bit zealous and I just wish he’d stop itching himself in public. Unsanitary!

We will continue to follow the story to see what is decided.




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