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Local Business Causes Outrage By Using Comic Sans on 9/11 Social Media Post

Rochester, NY – Tom’s Hardware is trying to keep up with the times and knows that Social Media is important for marketing.

Unfortunately, like many other local businesses, they have one of their oldest employees in charge of their accounts and they may have caused a tragedy today by using the Comic Sans font on a 9/11 Memorial social media post.

“This is worse than attacking another Country under false pretenses,” said one commenter on Tom’s Hardware Facebook Page.

“Well I was going to use Wingdings but I thought that would be offensive” said Ethel Burnquist, Tom’s Social Media Manager.


New Fringe Fest Show Just You Burning $25 in a Tent

Rochester, NY – Fringe Fest is back in Rochester and one of their new shows has everybody talking.

The new spectacular called “Cutting To The Chase” has free tickets because the entire show is just you standing in a circle with other guests and lighting $25 on fire.

“We realized that most of the comedy shows at Fringe are basically so bad it’s like your throwing away your money,” said Johnny Bogum the event’s creator. “At least this way you can actually enjoy seeing your money wasted.”