Demonstrators Outside Strong Hospital Demand New Mandates They Can Protest

Rochester, NY – Following the widespread relaxation of mask, social distancing, and vaccination mandates across New York State, the demonstrators outside Strong Hospital along Elmwood Avenue are calling for the re-introduction of pandemic mandates they can protest, report Inner Loop Blog correspondents in the area.

“Why are we out here, week after week, protesting nothing at all?” one organizer told our reporters at a recent demonstration. “The Governor needs to wake up and re-introduce these ridiculous mandates which, frankly, after she re-introduces them, need to be repealed immediately.”

In the meantime, however, the demonstrators show no signs of stopping, waving blank signs and chanting in idle, discordant waves about nothing in particular at least once per week.

When asked for comment, the City government responded to clarify that they do not set or abolish State-level mandates, but that they strongly recommend that all Rochester residents follow the opposite of whatever guidelines the protestors are calling for at any given time.

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