Local Hots Restaurant Offering “Edible Garbage Plate Underwear” For Valentines

Rochester, NY – Hoping to cash in on the local community’s love for one another, and greasy meat slop, a new hots restaurant is offering to spice things up in your bedroom with lingerie made out of the food that put our city on the map.

ROC Hard Hots got the idea when their head chef drank too much wine last Valentine’s Day and proceeded to be horny and hungry all at once. “I wanted to eat an entire garbage plate but I also wanted to make some ‘homemade meat sauce’ if you know what I mean” says Bill Hard, the owner, operator, chef, and future health code violator of the restaurant.

The service works like those fancy sushi places with sexy women being used as tables. But instead of raw fish and leaves being placed on your body, it’s macaroni salad, home fries, and hot sauce. ROC Hard Hots does say the edible underwear is served at room temperature to avoid any lawsuits.

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