Danny Wegman Flees Rochester In A Hot Air Balloon Made Of Plastic Bags

Rochester, NY – As we previously reported, Danny Wegman was seen earlier this week peeling out of his grocery chain’s parking lot in a Ferrari filled with Plastic Bags and it appears we now know what he was up too now.

The InnerLoop Blog received many messages from people living near Wegman’s mansion in Canandaigua reporting there was a giant hot air balloon floating North towards the city.

Upon further investigation, it appears the lone pilot on-board was none other than Danny Wegman and the balloon looked as if it was completely made of plastic bags.

“It’s possible that he’s used the stockpile of bags leftover from the plastic ban to make a functioning aircraft,” says local heated-air pilot  Bill Oonse. “They absolutely have enough raw materials to make the balloon, the basket, and everything else out of those brown bags.”

We have not received word yet as to what the billionaire has planned or how far he’ll get but we will keep you up to date as soon as we hear anything.

One thought on “Danny Wegman Flees Rochester In A Hot Air Balloon Made Of Plastic Bags”

  1. As bad as these bags are. What about All of the other plastic items that Wegmans and other local food chains use
    Almost every take out food item is stored in plastic or styrofoam which is also still being used on a daily basis. AND IT ALSO, like plastic DOESN’T DECOMPOSE and sits in Land fills. And on our Earth
    What was used 50 yrs old before this problem became so HUGE.

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