Buffalo Bills Elect to Skip Dolphins Game To Focus on NFL Opponents

ORCHARD PARK, NY – Taking a page from their NBA brethren who decided beating a bunch of Greeks at basketball wasn’t worth the trouble, the Buffalo Bills starters have decided to skip next week’s matchup with the Miami Dolphins and focus on their games against teams fielding NFL caliber rosters (and maybe the Jets if Sam Darnold can avoid skanks).

“While we know every game counts, we also want to get a good look at our backups and let some local Bills fans in Miami get a chance to play ‘professionally’ in a scrimmage like game against a team who vaguely resembles an NFL team. I mean Josh Rosen was a 1st round pick and then you have uh…” Head Coach Sean Mcdermott quipped and kinda trailed off as he continued to scout videos of fans smashing through tables.

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