Gov. Cuomo changes mind about legalizing marijuana after Elon Musk goes on his podcast

ALBANY, NY –  Technology entrepreneur and engineer Elon Musk was the guest on this week’s GovCast with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

After the 5 hour-long chat, Cuomo called up legislators in Albany and told them to squash any legislation in the works to legalize recreational marijuana.

“That dude is f***ing mental,” the Governor told The Innerloop Blog. “He took one hit of a vape pen and just started calling everyone Pedophiles. We can’t have that in our state!”

On the podcast subscribed to by tens of New Yorkers, Cuomo and Musk talked about insanely expensive and unrealistic ideas to fix the New York City Subway, the meaning of life, and commiserated about how best to deal with most people disliking you on the internet.

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