New Lollypop Farm Employee Unaware She’d Be Paid In Feral Cats

FAIRPORT, NY – Excited at the idea of working closely with animals, Alicia Barnesworth was eager to accept a position with Lollypop Farm’s adoption center as an Adoption Counselor.

What she did not know is her weekly paychecks would be paid out entirely in feral unadopted cats that may or may not be breeding a cat colony in the wooded area behind the Fairport location.

“I mean I love the job don’t get me wrong but I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these cats that are clearly not domesticated. I asked if I could be paid in just regular money and was told ‘oh well that’s fine but you’ll have to kill all these cats then’ and my boss just sort of handed me a dull machete and a hefty bag”

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