Painting-With-A-Twist’s “Bro Night” features drawing dicks on passed out guys

ROCHESTER, NY – Painting-With-A-Twist (PWAT), the company that teaches art while you drink, is now attempting to reach a male audience with a new “Bro Night.”

“We tried to think of the art that guy’s already liked doing while they were drinking and we had a eureka moment when our college intern Greg came into work with dicks drawn all over his face from a party the night before,” said Clair DeLoon the manager of PWAT.

The PWAT crew throws a man only house party and the “Bro Night” officially begins when the first guy passes out.

“The PWAT crew walks you through step by step how to shade the veins on the Weiner you’re drawing on your friend’s face,” said satisfied Bro Night participant Dale Springer. “I used to be a two circles and a long-U type of doodler but now, after tonight, I really feel like a real dick artist!”

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