Rochester’s hottest new tattoo shop specializes in Microsoft Wordart

ROCHESTER, NY – Clippy, a new tattoo parlor in the South Wedge, has nostalgic millennials begging for an appointment. Why? Because all of their artists specialize in Wordart from early versions of Microsoft Office.

“Wordart is 2018’s biggest tattoo trend for sure!” said a local tattooed barista that looks like every other tattooed barista in Rochester who was probably named Trenton or Hunter.

Clippy gives you the full Microsoft Wordart experience with the tattoo artist spending a half-hour perfecting the size and angle of the tattoo just like it’s the title page of a middle school writing assignment. Clippy also takes thing a step further.

All tattoos are applied using a sharpened paper clip.

“We named our shop after Clippy, that drunk looking paperclip dude that would pop-up and give you writing advice, and we decided to do our work with paperclips too!” said owner Gage Cannon. “Every once in a while, if we see your in pain during a session, we will get in your face and say ‘It seems you are taking this tat like a little baby… How can I help!”

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