Local Vagabond “Chill Will” Inspires Twitter Account Tweeting Jokes At Users, Sending Unsolicited Venmo Requests

ROCHESTER, NY – If you’ve ever been standing outside of a Monroe Avenue bar at 11 PM on a Thursday night after a long night of adult kickball, you’ve likely heard a joke or two from neighborhood jokester and alleged bed bug spreader known as Chill Will. Some people listen and laugh and hand him a buck, and some just try to ignore him while they enjoy the fruits of gentrification outside of a bar with one screen dedicated entirely to Impractical Jokers.

In any case, someone had the bright(?) idea to create a Chill Will inspired Twitter account where they tweet jokes with the originality of a vulgar popsicle stick to thousands of followers who were purchased and in no way wanted to be subjected to this account. The followers are then DMed and solicited for any money they can spare to keep the unwanted Twitter content going. If you attempt to unfollow the account you will be asked to fill out a survey on why you don’t wish to follow and if you can still give them a few bucks for a sandwich.

Chill Will could not be reached for comment because we wanted to go inside and play darts and stop thinking about the plight of the homeless in our city.

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