Local man sentenced to life in prison after filling water cup with soda

Rochester, NY – Greg Torrgocan of Penfield was arrested at lunchtime today at Bill Grey’s after employees caught him filling a cup designated for water with soda.

“If you look on the soda fountain it clearly states that you can not use the water cups for soda,” said Bill Grey’s Manager Sherly Borgen. “Not a lot of people read the fine print that it’s something we take very seriously.”

Mr. Torrgocan will be moved to a maximum security prison later this week for his thievery. Judge Don Farrsbeard who was assigned to the case told TheInnerLoopBlog.com that he is “throwing the book at this sick bastard.”

“Anyone that can look a 16-year-old part-time employee in the face, ask them for a water cup, and be so depraved to than fill said cup with a delicious coca-cola is a true psychopath on the level of Bundy, Dahmer, and Bannon.”

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