Amazon Henrietta Testing Garbage Plate Drone Delivery

Rochester,NY-  News spreading of Amazon to open up a facility in Henrietta has gotten around to local Rochester residents, few can only speculate what this means for Rochester as a whole. Yet, we have just confirmed that the amazon headquarters will be offering “Garbage Plate” deliveries via drones to anyone within a fifty mile radius of the facility! This is going to be a game changer for the residents of Rochester and what it means to get food delivered straight your mouth! We spoke with a representative at Amazon to get an idea of what this delivery system will look like.

“We know how much the people of Rochester love garbage plates and that’s why we cant wait to literally just drop a hot garbage plate right on top of people outside of their favorite bar, this program is still a work in progress and we haven’t quite figured out how to get the plate to your hands so we just drops the contents of the plate from sixty feet in the air and hope most of it gets caught in your mouth”

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