Move Over Yodeling Kid, Hello Harts Grocer’s Mumble Rap Girl

ROCHESTER, NY – Trying to cash in on some free publicity following the success of the Walmart Yodelling Kid, Harts Grocer has announced that they’ve given a residency to a “new viral sensation” Mumble Rap Girl!

“We tried a few genres including a Polka Boy, Rasta Baby, and Trance Tween, but Mumble Rap Girl has by far had the biggest response,” said Greg, a Manager at Harts.

Mumble Rap Girl’s real name is 7-year-old Stacy Rollenstein from Penfield. She used her advance to fit in with the other popular young rapper in 2018 to get a grill and face tattoos. Her parents believe in “free range” parenting and allowing her to make her own mistakes which this new job totally is not!


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