‘Millennial Picasso’ Enters Blue-Blood Period, Exclusively Paints Tom Selleck

GREECE, NY – School Of The Arts graduate Billy Griffin has hit the same wall every great artist hits. The dreaded “Blue-Blood Period” of their work.

Pablo Piccaso, between 1901 and 1904, hit a point where he said “el f*** a dissashit” and decided to paint nothing but somber, monochromatic pieces in shades of blue or, to keep audiences on their toes, blue-green. It was known as his Blue Period. It was what art historians call: “emo AF.”

But now more and more millennials in 2018 are reporting hitting a similar period call the “Blue-Blood Period” where they can only paint monochromatic paintings of Tom Selleck.

“I don’t know what happened. I started painting a landscape and fifteen minutes later, I looked up and I had actually painted a full-on portrait of Tom Selleck from CBS’s Blue Bloods, Fridays, 10 Eastern, 9 Central” said Mr. Griffin.

We asked him if he had ever watched the show, but as we suspected, he had never seen a minute. Blue Bloods is a show that is currently in its eighth season, yet no one has ever watched it.

We call it this the “Rizzoli and Isles” effect. These types of shows coast off a dedicated audience of retirement home patrons and Uncles that haven’t figured out “the internets” yet.

“I know it’s a show, that it has Tom Selleck, and it’s about cops, but I couldn’t tell you a single thing that has ever happened in that show,” said Mr. Griffin.

Unlike Picasso, who had difficulty selling his Blue Period pieces, every Blue-Blood painting of Mr. Selleck sells instantly on Etsy. When asked for comment the company told us it was “probably a sex fetish thing.”

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