98PXY To Have Another Summer Jam Music Thing Again

Rochester,NY- As the snow begins to melt, we can only prepare ourselves for the onslaughts of local DJ’s filling our ears with the next “Big thing” happening this summer and how we have to be there or how lit it’s going to be. No other radio station reminds us of this constantly than 98pxy. Believe it or not, they are having another “Summer Jam” show filled with mediocre artist who will probably not be around for more than a year and I’m sure someway somehow, Jason Derulo will find his way amongst their line up like a cokehead in the scotch house bathroom. We spoke with a couple local Rochesterians to see how “excited” they are for this yearly event.This is what David Jasper from Webster had to say.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll be going, to be honest with you, I pretty much have to go, with my girlfriend being nineteen,  she would forget all about the fact I have no real inspirations in life or I’m slowly becoming an alcoholic right in front of her eyes, thank god for 98PXY Summer Jam. Nothing says fresh outta high school jailbait like summer jam. Also, I heard Jason Derulo might be there this year. I like a couple of songs of his.”

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