Social Distancing: Lux Bartenders Will Now Ignore You Curbside

Rochester, NY- With the social distancing requirements in New York State, many bars and restaurants have been forced to get creative as a way to stay open.

South Wedge hotspot Lux Lounge has announced its bartenders will now ignore you curbside as you pull up in the safety of your car.

Patrons are encouraged to drive up any time between 8pm and 2am, roll down their windows and try desperately to make eye contact before they get frustrated and give up.

“Whether you want a PBR, a shot, or a highball, we wanted to make sure you still can’t get one at Lux. Even if you can’t go inside”, they announced in a Facebook post.

We reached out to one of their bartenders for comment but as of press time they were still chatting with their friends.

Giant Dome Appears Over East Rochester

Rochester, NY –  Residents of East Rochester awoke to a startling discovery Saturday morning when they found that their town had been encased in a giant dome overnight.

Local authorities urged the public not to panic and said that this extreme measure was taken to protect residents from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Until recently, our beautiful town had been spared from the virus,” a town official said, “now that we have confirmed cases in the area, drastic measures must be taken to mitigate the spread.”

Residents were able to voice their concerns about the new dome using a popular video conferencing app. Cost was a major issue for many but the officials were prepared.

“By not providing children with proper transportation to school, we were able to save up enough money to completely cover the cost of the dome.” One official said.

“Rest assured knowing your children will never have to brave inclement weather again because East Rochester will never experience weather again, thanks to this wonderful dome.”

City Officials Agree To Make A Giant Garbage Plate To Feed All Of Rochester

Rochester, NY – Since the coronavirus has shut down Rochester’s economy, and families are going hungry, City Officials have pushed through a stimulus package aimed at keeping the city fed.

Part of the bill that just passed is the construction of a giant Garbage Plate that is estimated to be able to feed all of Rochester until 2021. Using Frontier Field, massive amounts of macaroni salad and home fries will be dropped into the world’s largest styrofoam container before being topped by burgers made from 270,000 cows.

“It’s food and jobs program. The plate will feed people and the building of this thing will put the hard-hit restaurant and construction people back to work!” said one official.

The massive garbage plate will be topped with onions and hot sauce, and anyone who likes to put ketchup on their plates is asked to starve to death instead.

Local Dad Already Stress Eating Flutie Flakes

IRONDEQUOIT, NY – Preparing for the potentially extended quarantine is hitting local residents harder than a garbage plate hits your colon on a Sunday morning.

Local dad and self-proclaimed brewmaster (he has a home brewing kit he has yet to open but did one-time mix Labatt Blue and Sprite and claim he invented White Claws) Darbert Landerball has already been forced to crack open his prized Flutie Flakes purchased last millennium.

“The way I see it is I’m hungry and nobody on the eBay has ever made an offer higher than $2.50 for this damn treasure. Still tastes like the shitty Frosted Flakes knockoff it always has been. After I’m done with these I guess I’ll eat the TO’s and freezer burnt Let’s Dough Buffalo Sabres ice cream I’ve had for like 8 years.”



Promo Girls Offering Free Samples of Coronavirus on East and Alexander

Rochester, NY – Patrons celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on East and Alexander were treated to an unexpected surprise after two girls showed up offering free samples of coronavirus.

“I am usually pretty picky when it comes to trying new viral infections,” one patron said, “but it’s free and these girls really know how to cough in your face.”

Local college student, Ashley Johnson, started spring break early after her college abruptly closed due to fears over the growing coronavirus pandemic.

“I tried out COVID-19 while I was in Italy for my study abroad program,” Ashley told the Blog, “I really enjoyed it and thought why not make a few extra bucks spreading it to others?”

Monroe Ave Bar Crawler Swears It’s Not COVID-19; It’s Just ‘St. Patrick’s Cough’

ROCHESTER, NY – The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was postponed for public safety with respect to the rapidly developing public health crisis. However, Chadthony D’Umbro would not let something like a public health warning stop him from celebrating a non-existent parade. He put on his green hoodie, his “Kiss My Shamrock” belt buckle, and went out to everyone’s favorite Irish bar on East and Alexander. “No ‘social distancing’ was gonna stop me and my bros from doin’ it up this weekend”, said Martinsboro. “We’re gonna be fine! I’m not gonna do anything stupid!”, he said as he drank from the same pitcher of green beer that four of his friends just drank from.

Today, D’Umbro and his friends are in bed with what they are calling “St. Patrick’s Cough”. He claims that it is just a little scratch in his throat. “Everybody I know at the bar has it. It’s not a big deal! Just like a hangover, but with a fever!”

When asked if it is possible that he and his friends contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19), D’Umbro vehemently denied the possibility. “We were safe as hell! I haven’t had Chinese food in a month. I haven’t even kissed my Korean girlfriend, just in case”, D’Umbro announced. “I don’t even play my Playstation, because I don’t wanna catch a computer virus! I know how to protect myself. Besides, I wouldn’t eat any of the weird stuff like bats or eels like THEY do, so there’s no way it’s Coronavirus!” After saying that, D’Umbro scarfed down his third Scotch Egg, a deep fried hard boiled egg wrapped in pig entrails and bread. He is certain, he and his friends’ St. Patrick’s Cough will end soon

We attempted to contact one of his other friends about their symptoms, but most of them had died from the St. Patrick’s Cough already. D’Umbro is sadly still alive.

Pittsford Mom Forced To Actually Use Decorative Soaps

Pittsford, NY – The CDC one of the best things you can do right now to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to wash your hands frequently which sounds easy enough but due to all the hoarders in Rochester, the soap supplies are running low.

Unfortunately, this has meant that many Pittsford moms like Barbara Tudim have had to take the plastic wrap off their decorative soaps and actually use them to wash their hands for the required 20 seconds.

“I have been telling all of my houseguests that they need to use the liquid soap and not the amazing $200 soap that I picked up at on that trip my husband and I took to Cape Cod. The woman that makes it uses her own breastmilk in it,” says Barbara.  “But now I am going to have to actually use it.”

Medical advisors say that decorative soap usually doesn’t have the same type of disinfecting qualities that other soaps have but they honestly don’t think Pittsford with be hit with COVID-19 since it “probably can’t afford to go there.”

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