Local Woman Forced to Sell Home After Spending $5,000 on Decorative Cutting Boards at Fairport Canal Days

Fairport, NY -The annual Fairport Canal Days festival ended in tragedy this weekend as one patron is now being forced out of her home due to the popular local celebration.

“Every other booth was selling a cool looking, non-functional, decorative cutting board,” says Sally Flondon, “and I just couldn’t resist supporting these artists.”

Ms. Flondon told us she spent all of her savings on these cutting boards on Saturday and ended up opening a line of credit with one of the banks that had a booth set up at Canal Days on Sunday so she could go through the festival again to buy wooden signs.

“Can you honestly tell me you can walk past a piece of wood that has ‘It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere’ carved into it and not buy it?” says Flondon.

Sally says she was already behind on mortgage payments because she also bought a “stupid amount of expensive pottery over at the Lilac this year.” She plans to raise enough money to buy a pop-up tent and sell all of these items at the Corn Hill Arts Festival next month.

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