S’More Sales Skyrocket as Canadian Wildfire Smoke Blows Into Rochester

Rochester, NY – The arrival of wildfire smoke from Canada caused an interesting sunrise this morning and a warning about air quality but there’s another side effect that’s sparking the local economy. The thick haze of smoke has ignited a burning desire for the gooey, chocolatey treat, known as a S’more.

Rochesterians who haven’t sat around a campfire since last fall have been triggered like The Winter Soldier by the smell of burning wood and have flocked to grocery stores to buy up marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. Wegmans is saying they haven’t seen a boom in sales like this since the great toilet paper crisis of 2020 when Western NY’s biggest concern about a global pandemic was keeping their butthole clean.

People from all walks of life are gathering around local firepits and the public grills in Monroe County Parks to toast marshmallows to their liking. There were also rumors of a large bonfire out downtown but that turned out to just be a rental property that was on fire for the third time this week.

Teddy Penderson from Park Ave is seizing on the trend and has launched a special gourmet marshmallow with a local twist. Somehow he’s figured out a way to stuff them with meat hot sauce and make the white outsides taste like macaroni salad. Mr. Penderson told The Innerloop Blog that he credits the invention to “another kind of Canadian fire” and showed us a giant bag of weed he bought from a guy in Toronto.

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