Experts: Losing Homes in Potential Downtown Casino “Best Solution” for Rochester Housing Market

Rochester, NY – Plans for a casino to be built in downtown Rochester were revealed last week and while politicians are calling it a bad idea, many local experts are saying it could have some incredible ripple effects in our area. More specifically in helping with the local housing market.

Browsing for a home in Rochester right now is like trying to use a dating app in your 30s. The good-looking ones will be off the market in 6 days or less and the ones in your budget are extremely damaged and in need of full rehab. Experts say the casino downtown could be the only way to actually fix the homebuying nightmare in Rochester.

“It’s simple economics really,” says the first guy we found wearing a tie at RIT. “There’s a record low supply for homes in Monroe County, and the demand is high. If people start losing their homes, or are unable to pay their mortgage, because of the bets they’re placing downtown, we’re going to have more homes available.”

When we asked what these poor souls losing their homes are going to do for a place to live, the so-called expert told us they “have to go to class” and road off on a longboard.

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