Grown Up Take on a College Bar? Rochester’s Newest Hangout Offers Student Loan Debt Consolidation

ROCHESTER, NY – Attempting to bridge the gap from college to adulthood can be tough especially when you go from dorms and beer pong to making $8/hr to work at Home Depot trying to pay off a 40k student loan.

Enter LubeSharks, a new bar in the public market that offers not only an extensive list of domestic and craft beers, but also a debt consolidation officer who will help you navigate through various options that will not help you whatsoever!

“It was a great time getting smashed trying not to think about the massive debt I’m in from getting a sports management degree at Nazareth 14 years ago, and once I was good and slammered a guy tried to offer me a loan to pay off my debt that would’ve been twice as much as I’m paying now. I mean I applied and he said I didn’t qualify but it’s a cool idea I guess. Go Bills.” – local college graduate Marvin Larva was heard muttering to nobody in particular



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