Skycoasters Threaten To Remove Music From Spotify, Say They Don’t Know How Their Nephew Got It On There

Rochester, NY – The Skycoasters may be joining the music industry’s push against Spotify and it has nothing to do with Joe Rogan.

A spokesperson for the Rochester-based band has told The Innerloop Blog that they’ve been on the phone with Spotify’s customer service trying to get their music off the platform for some time because they never consented to have it on there in the first place.

“One of the band member’s nephews put some MP3s on their thinking he could make a bunch of money for his crypto portfolio.”

According to fans, they’ve never searched Skycoasters on Spotify anyways so seeing them leave the platform won’t be much of a loss. “Us Coastheads say there’s only one way to listen to their music… Three Blue Lights deep at some summer festival while the sun is still out and your kids are passed out due to a kettle corn overload.”

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