Inspired by Bills Stadium Attendance, Scientists Now Testing if Blue Cheese Prevents COVID

Buffalo, NY – For the past two weeks football fans have finally been able to go see their favorite team play live at Bills Stadium. The success of the required pre-game testing for attendance has some local scientists pondering if this could mean something even bigger than Buffalo fans will actually be extra careful with socially distancing if they have a $100+ Bills ticket on the line.

“We started to think, what do all these Bills fans have in common, and what might effect COVID-19,” says Local Virus Researcher Abdul Johnson. “So we squirted some Frank’s Red Hot into a vial of spit contaminated with COVID, and also poured some Blue Cheese into a petri dish with coronavirus.”

According to Johnson, the results need a lot more testing but it is possible the moldy blue cheese might scare off the virus. “We’ve found COVID-19 could be more attracted to ranch dressing once again proving this virus was created by the devil himself.”

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