Local Birthers Accuse Lovely Warren of Being Born in Syracuse

Rochester, NY – With the selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate, the birther movement, which was born and popularized during the Obama administration, has come back into the spotlight. Birthers all over America are now making claims that Harris was not born in the U.S., and therefore would not be eligible to become president.

The movement has gained traction on a local scale, as well. Birthers in the Rochester area, most of whom aren’t from the actual city, have begun accusing Mayor Lovely Warren of being born in Syracuse.

“I just want to see her birth certificate,” said Cindy Evans, of Macedon. “Because if she was born in Syracuse, she’s not allowed to be Mayor of our city.” The Inner Loop has obtained a copy of the Mayor’s birth certificate, confirming she is from Rochester. Also, even if she were from Syracuse, she would still be eligible to be Mayor of Rochester. 

When presented with the new information, Evans doubled down, saying “That’s just what the liberal media wants you to think. You workin’ for CNN or something?”

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