Genesee Drinkers Upset By New Non-Aluminum Flavored Cream Ale

ROCHESTER, NY – While many Rochesterians are elated to see a new brew released by everyone’s favorite local piss river-based brewery, some old school Genesee drinkers are frustrated by the uniquely pleasant flavor of the new dry-hopped version of the classic Cream Ale.

“I don’t know why they would ever tinker with the perfectly good chilled bath water mixed with battery acid flavor of the original. Much like living in Rochester, it’s not meant to be enjoyed.” Said construction worker and crane enthusiast Samly Cuomo Rivers of Hilton

“Don’t get me wrong this beer tastes good, it goes down easy, and probably won’t give me gas that smells like a pile of burning diapers. But it will never measure up to the original because it will cost twice as much and I’m trying to get loaded and fall asleep in a lilac bush.”


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