President Says He’s Spoken With Frederick Douglass and He’s Not That Upset About the Statue

Washington, DC – Last week, news that a statue of Frederick Douglass had been vandalized in Rochester reached the president of the United States. During a political rally the president mentioned the incident after ranting at length about the fake news.

“I know Frederick personally, great guy, a really great guy.” He told his supporters. 

White House aides told reporters that the president and statue of Douglass met at an undisclosed location and spoke for several hours.

“It’s a shame what happened to Frederick. I spoke with him personally, he is not that upset about it. He is doing alright. A little stiff! He likes going on walks. Walking. It’s good. It’s a good thing for statues.”

The president then began to mimic a statue and started to slowly walk around the stage in circles before his aides quickly pulled him off stage.

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