Man Moving into Apartments Next to Dinosaur BBQ Excited for Wife, Kids, and All Possessions to Smell like Ribs

Rochester, NY – If you have been to downtown Rochester in the past year you’ve seen the construction of a new apartment building on Court Street right at the intersection where 5-6 cars will cut you off to get onto 490.

The new building will be opening in August of this year and after a survey of future tenants, The Inner Loop Blog can report the number one reason the apartments are being rented is the added bonus of the Dinosaur BBQ being basically swallowed up inside the complex.

“That BBQ stank is what sold me,” said Ronald Darbneth a future apartment renter. “We checked it out, we were only there for maybe a half-hour, and my wife smelled like slow smoked brisket for the entire week! It reignited our sex life!”

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