New Bills QB Hopes To Endear Himself to Rochester Fans By Changing Name To “GarbagePlate Wegmans”

ROCHESTER, NY – Josh Allen has become a fan favorite in Rochester before even setting foot in our humble town.

Yes the new franchise QB of the Buffalo Bills has legally changed his name to “GarbagePlate LilacFestival Wegmans” after a quick google search of the most popular terms of our fair city.

“I mean, to me it’s a no-brainer. Nobody in upstate NY is going to care about a guy named Josh Allen, I mean there’s probably already like over 100 Josh Allens in the region already. I wanna stand out in this area and the best way to do that is by legally changing my name to something the fans will see and say ‘haha wow that guy loves us or is totally batshit insane, either way, I’m into it!”

Trying to stay relevant in the community as well, the other Bills QBs attempted to copy the rookie in his name change. Nathan Peterman is now “Strong Museum Seabreeze” and AJ McCarron is now “Kodak Genesee Brewhouse”

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