Crew Working On Irondequoit Sinkhole Tap Into Underground Deposit of Meat Hot Sauce

Irondequoit, NY – A sinkhole formed on St. Paul Boulevard this week and construction crews have been working diligently to repair the road. Today the workers were surprised when Rochester’s famous meat hot sauce started bubbling out of the ground from inside the crater.

“I was in there poking around with my shovel when all of a sudden I started smelling ground beef, chili powder, and cumin,” said Dexter Taylor of Irondequoit. “I yelled to the boys ‘This baby is gonna blow’ and we got out of there just in time.”

While Rochesterians are used to feeling hot sauce eruptions the day after eating a garbage plate, seeing the famous topping shooting out of the ground was quite a sight.

Geologist Mya Wallace says to expect more stories like these in the next few years. “Rochester sits on many deposits of meat hot sauce like this one. Because global warming is contributing to extreme weather events, we will be seeing more sinkholes like this forming, and more people accidentally tapping into these delicious deposits.”

The Innerloop Blog reached out to UDig NY, the phone number you’re supposed to call before breaking ground in your yard, and the service did admit that these wells of meaty goodness are a major concern. “A lot of people think we’re trying to save the public from digging into their home’s gas or power lines… really we just want to make sure no one gets blasted in the face by hot ground beef and lard.”

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  1. Hitting deposits in the earths crust due to global warming…. What a bunch of bull.

  2. I am sorry to have missed this blog for three years. And yet, who are you? There is no contact info, just a paypal link to a mysterious address.

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