Meteorologist Confirms This Weather Is Your Fault For “Storing Winter Clothing Too Early”

Rochester, NY – In a shocking revelation, local meteorologists have found the cause of the recent dip in temperatures:  Rochesterians putting away their winter clothing too early.

“We’ve seen this happen time and time again,” said meteorologist Chuck Peterson. “People start getting excited about the warmer weather, and they rush to put away their winter coats, hats, and gloves. But Mother Nature has a way of reminding us that winter isn’t over yet.”

Snow went on to explain that by packing away their winter clothing too soon, the residents of Rochester gave the weather gods permission to unleash their fury on the city.

“There were certain rituals that the early settlers of Rochester stuck to in order to ensure a great harvest,” says Peterson. “Among them was making sure to never put their warmer clothes away until at least July.”


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