RG&E Places Christmas Rebates at the Top of the Liberty Pole, Hundreds Injured

Rochester, NY – Thousands of Monroe County residents have been visiting the Liberty Pole in downtown Rochester this holiday season and it is not to take in the festive lights.

Rumor has spread around town that RG&E has hidden rebates for their utility services at the very peak of the pole and homeowners of all ages have been attempting to climb the 190-foot-high stainless steel structure.

“We’ve had to grease it up,” said city worker Steve McGillicuddy. “But that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying. Hell, I even tried after I lubed the damn thing up. I’d do anything to lower that [expletive] bill.”

Hospitals in the area have urged residents to avoid the “Liberty Pole Challenge” at all costs and released a statement saying “if you think utility bills suck, wait till you see how much we charge for an ambulance.”

RG&E has not confirmed or denied the existence of the hidden rebates but insiders say they’re happy to finally be receiving complaint calls about something other than their fees.

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