Penfield Mom Boils Her Family’s Bottled Water “Just to Be Safe”

Penfield NY – A boil water advisory was issued for parts of Rochester after a water main broke on Wednesday afternoon. Despite living miles away, Susan Lewis is taking zero chances on the other side of town.

“My family is everything to me,” said Mrs. Lewis, a Penfield resident. “My kids say my cooking is so bad it could kill them, but I don’t want to make that joke a reality.”

This is why Susan spent the better portion of her day boiling the bottled water she buys at her weekly grocery at Wegmans.

Just to reiterate, only a small portion of the west side of the city has been affected by this water boil advisory. Bottled water is safe.  Penfield public water is safe.

We did not tell Susan that she was wasting her time because she informed us she usually spends her days picking fights with moms from Webster on Facebook.

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