Rochester Man Rage Tweets About Gas Prices Inside Car He Remote Started

Rochester, NY – Rochester man Garett Spagonian is fed up with the price of gasoline in this area. So much so that he’s committed to driving to every gas station in town with stickers of President Joe Biden that say “I Did That” so that everyone knows who is really to blame for this crisis.

And with temperatures being as low as they are, he’s made sure to run his car in the driveway for at least ten minutes before he takes his vandalism tour on the road.

Garett is among the many local idiots that have zero comprehension of how gas prices work. Despite being one Google search away from knowing that a sitting President can not control the short-term price of oil, he would prefer to blame the “demo-crooks” and “libtards” for ruining his bank account.

“I was so mad yesterday that I couldn’t even go inside after work,” said Spagonian. “I sat in my car and shot out at least 20 videos yelling ‘Let’s Go Branden’ to all my social feeds. I got a lot of good feedback but there were a lot of people complaining that they couldn’t hear my rants over the sound of my car heat on full blast.”

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