Fairport Cyclist Flaunts New Bandana and Assless Chaps While Riding the Erie Canal

Fairport, NY – With nice weather beginning to hit the area, Fairport cyclist, James Edwards, decided to finally take his bicycle out for a spin.

“I’ve been waiting all winter to hear the chain on this baby purr.” He said pulling up his assless chaps.

“Something magical happens when the stench of the canal hits your nostrils and the wind tickles your bare ass.”

Unfortunately, accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians along the canal towpath have risen in recent years. James hopes this summer will be different.

“I don’t care if your child is learning to ride a bike or you are just trying to enjoy the weekend with your family.” he said while tying his new skull bandana around his head, “Pedestrians and amateur cyclists need to learn to share the canal.”

To let pedestrians know they are near a cyclist, James recommends screaming “on your left!” as loud as possible. If that doesn’t work, he suggests wearing assless chaps.

“That usually startles the families real good.”

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