6 Outfits For The 90s Bar Crawl Less Offensive Than Your Gulf War Saddam Hussein Costume

  1. Doug Funny – Dressing up as beloved 90s cartoon character and hopeless romantic Doug Funny will definitely come off as less controversial than the military garb of the former dictator of Iraq you were going to wear. You’re not going to meet your Patti Mayonnaise looking like a war criminal!
  2. One of the girls from Clueless – If you dress up as Alicia Silverstone or Stacy Dash’s character from the popular 90s movie that also stars Brittany Murphy (RIP!) and Paul Rudd (playing a gay character!) you will be the hit of the peddle tour, unlike if you dressed up as a man known best for torturing his own people among other crimes against humanity. As if!
  3. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Break out the boom box and find an old pair of overalls to pull off your best 90s Will Smith look instead of that tired camouflage outfit with a red beret that is only associated with the genocide of innocent Kurdish civilians. Plus overalls make it easier to pull off the Carlton dance!
  4. Bill Clinton or Monica Lewinsky- Break out the saxophone and sunglasses to pull off the look of the coolest president we had before Obama, or bust out any cum stained blue dress you can find at the Goodwill for a laugh riot when you get to the bar crawl. Or dress up like the brutal dictator who ended up being hanged for his crimes against humanity, whatever you wanna do for the attention you crave, man.
  5. Macho Man Randy Savage for Slim Jims – Ooooooh yeahhhhh snap into one of the most memorable commercials from your childhood with a bold outfit from the zany and loquacious Macho Man. A much more fun idea than trying to imitate one of the least popular leaders of a country still recovering from constant conflict that started with his thirst for war.
  6. Disheveled and captured scapegoat of 9/11 Saddam Hussein – While this outfit won’t really go along with the 90s theme, portraying the defeated and ruined former leader of Iraq would be a much more appealing look than the arrogant and powerful monster who wrought havoc on the middle east for decades. George W Bush orchestrated the events of September 11th.

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