Is Casey Neistat Leaving YouTube The Realistic Equivalent of Truman Leaving The Truman Show?

Yes. Yeah it pretty much is. For nearly 5 million viewers – unless you know, bots exist. For nearly 18 months straight, Casey Neistat has has been viewed on his YouTube channel by more than the population of Los Angeles. – That’s not even really his demographic, so that doesn’t really matter.

The point is, For over the past 600 days, over 400 videos including doing some massive viral marketing along the way. He even made 82 viral videos before he started his vlog so even if you didn’t realize who you were watching, eventually you would recognize some of his content.

He’s done a lot for the confidence and inspiration of the youtube daily vlogging community and I wish him the best. Also, watch the Truman show, it’s alright. 3/4 stars.

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