Uncle Can’t Believe Nephew and Black Boyfriend Didn’t Vote For Trump

Webster, NY – We all knew this turkey day was going to be a challenging one. But our challenges were certainly not met with the same level of difficulty as this small family in Webster NY. Jimmy and Joan Partridge are Webster natives and local racists. They’ve been proudly flying the Trump Pence banner next to a confederate flag on their combination truck bed front porch ever since the president-elect announced his bigoted running mate.

Jimmy Partridge was a level headed working class American that was ready to make America great again. He had seen his way of life undermined and disrespected by the last eight years of ‘tolerance’ and ‘social justice’. But not anymore. Finally people would start paying attention to all of the hard working white men again. To celebrate Jimmy’s new found white male pride, he decided that Thanksgiving day would be at his ‘cottage’ this year. He invited his sister Janice, her son Conor, and her sons fiance Marcus. Although Jimmy does not believe that gay people should get married because it ruins the sanctity of marriage, he and his third wife agree that family is family, and that’s all that matters.

“I was just so happy to have all my family and the people I love around me for Thanksgiving. It’s such a surreal feeling that finally my people will no longer feel marginalized or disrespected,” Partridge said, as he lowered the volume on the Dakota Access Pipeline news story that was happening behind him. “For years I’ve felt like every other group of people has just been given all of these handouts. Free meals and good fortune while I’ve been working for minimum wage. I can barely afford my 2 cartons of cigarettes a week. I’ve been grateful that my 1997 Ford Truck gets 12 miles to the gallon, or else I don’t know how we would’ve survived.”

Jimmy went on to recount his terror when his nephew Conor told him that he and his fiance voted for Hillary. Conor had this to say, “Well I’m upset because I voted for Bernie in the primaries and was definitely not looking forward to voting for Hillary. But Trump seems like such a vapid manipulative megalomaniac that I am still sort of in shock that he won. Even though Hillary did win the popular vote by nearly 2 million votes, I suppose that we as Americans have to come together and try to bond over the next 4 years as well as we can. All we have is each other, you know. I really feel like President Obama did a wonderful job opening up real conversation and discourse so we might be able to continue the conversation of tolerance, even while we have such an opaque figure head leading our country.”

“What a crock of bullshit,” Jimmy went on to say. “To think that I let that ungrateful nobody into my home and fed him my turkey. I don’t have anyone in my family that voted for Killary.” Jimmy then took off his shirt to reveal a swastika tattoo, began to point at his nephew and say “Do you know what this means? Not Welcome.”



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