New Law Requires Hyundai and Kia Cars Be Converted to Manual to Prevent Teenage Thefts

Rochester, NY – Monroe County has been hit hard by the viral TikTok challenge that teaches people how to steal Hyundai and Kia vehicles.  Local business owners live in terror waiting for a call that some teenagers drove a car through the front of their storefront and looted their merchandise.

A new law is hoping to get to the heart of the issue. “These kids can’t drive a manual,” said lawmaker Tyisha Landermin. “Somehow it’s easier to make these cars more difficult to dive than to make them more secure.”

The proposed law will make New York State foot the bill for all vulnerable Hyundai and Kia cars conversion from automatic to manual.

“Not only will this create more jobs in our suffering automotive industry this may also save lives,” says Landermin. While she anticipates an initial surge of accidents based on Rochesterians learning how to drive with a stick shift, she also believes this will cut local texting and driving accidents by half.

Update: There is now a viral TikTok tutorial on how to drive a manual car.

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