Local Man Finishes Snow Blowing Driveway Just In Time To Be Six Hours Late For Work

Rochester, NY – Fred Saragossa decided to pull his snowblower out for its first run of the season today, but that choice ultimately lead to him being fired.

Before even opening his garage door, Fred spent a solid hour locating all of his good snow attire, including his lucky Bills scarf, and the insulated underwear that makes his junk “feel like they’re on vacation in Cancun.”

Now it was time to hit start on the snowblower but it wasn’t starting. After an oil change, adding gas, changing a spark plug, lubricating the chain, cleaning out the intake, and putting air in the tires, Fred figured out the issue was he forgot to plug it in.

Finally, Fred was ready to take care of the snow but after having to clean up the end of his driveway four times due to the plows “shoving 12 feet of bullshit into my life,” he ended up getting done clearing a path for his car at noon.

Unfortunately, his shift started at 6:00 AM. He received a message that he was fired as soon as he connected his phone to his car’s Bluetooth.

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