Tweets About Sweet Potatoes Confirmed As Closest Bills Fans Have Ever Been To Eating Vegetables

Buffalo, NY – This week the rivalry between the Bills and Chiefs fans hit a new level after a story of a secret sweet potato went viral.

Garrett Lee, a Buffalo Stan, revealed the team was undefeated in games he snuck an orange spud into the game and it launched a thousand tweets begging fans heading to Arrowhead to try to get as many of the root vegetable into the stadium as possible.

“I was very excited to see my patients posting about veggies,” said Dr. Minkowitz who practices medicine in Erie County. “For the most part, people in Buffalo only eat vegetables when they’re given out along side deep fried wings. But even then they must be dunked tip to tip in blue cheese or they’re deemed garbage.”

Dr. Minkowitz is just one of the many Buffalo area physicians who had they’re hopes dashed that their clients had finally turned a new leaf with their diets. I’m fact, an InnerLoop poll of medical professionals this week confirmed the conversation about sweet potatoes by Bills fans is the closest they’re patients have ever been to a balanced diet.

“Hopefully this whole thing will inspire folks to try and eat a sweet potato ever once in awhile,” said Dr. Minkowitz. “The only thing I know for sure is they won’t be dunking it into ranch dressing.”

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