Piercing Shops Worry Cuomo’s Resignation Could Mean Record Losses In The Lucrative Male Nipple Ring Market

Rochester, NY – The InnerLoop Blog has been contacted by multiple piercing studios that they have already seen a huge drop in the amount of men looking to get their nipples pierced following the resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“We know it’s not the thing that people are worried about the most with the situation in Albany but this is a huge part of our business” said Stacy Reed from body modification business Tender Prix. “This is our busy season here in Rochester.”

According to Reed, this is the time of year where men are most likely to be walking around shirtless in Western NY and also the time they’re more likely to want to “bling out their nips” to give onlookers something else to check out while they’re driving past and thinking “that guy should probably put his shirt back on.”

While it is not confirmed that Cuomo has nipple piercings, it has long been thought that he does. Based on recent events, this most likely means he not only has two nipple piercings but a plethora of piercings that he and his inner circle are hiding from the world. And yes, we assume his inner circle is pierced as well.

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