Chicken Wing Shortage Leaves Locals With No Choice but To Drink Bleu Cheese Straight

Rochester, NY – Nationwide chicken shortages due to higher demand and lowered factory output have put a strain on restaurants in the area. The beloved Western New York bar food chicken wings, is now in scarce supply. The Inner Loop Blog spoke with an area man, Mike Shaw who is unfazed by the situation.

‘Listen, we all know wings are just a bleu cheese delivery system. Finally, we can eliminate the middle man and get right to the bleu. I’ve been thrown out of many an establishment for spooning it right into my mouth. Of course, I generally get sick to my stomach and throw up in the parking lot but it’s all worth it.’

We asked Mike how he felt about ranch, ‘Ranch? How dare you say that filthy word around me. Ranch killed my mother, god rest her soul. Now, I honor her everyday through my mass consumption of bleu cheese.’

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