Upstate NY Uncles Excited To Ruin Facebook Feeds During Tonight’s Debate

Skaneateles, NY – “Tonight is my Superbowl,” says Frank Wilson. He’s just one of the many Uncles all over Upstate NY that have been waiting eagerly for tonight’s presidential debate to fill their “libtard” family’s comment sections with Trump support.

“I have a stockpile of memes ready to go,” Wilson told The Inner Loop Blog. “I got some with Trump’s head is on a really strong guy’s body, others where Joe Biden looks sleepy, and some that are just pictures of Obama that say ‘Kenya? How about KenNAH!'”

When we asked if there was anything that could possible sway him to vote for Biden and he said only if he found out:

  1. Trump lied about Mexico paying for the wall
  2. Trump proudly bragged about being a sexual predator and has over 20 women accusing him of sexual assault
  3. Trump separated babies and children from their parents on the border and put them in cages
  4. Trump used campaign funds illegally to keep a porn star he cheated on his wife with quiet
  5. Trump lied about the coronavirus impact for months and did something as stupid as encourage people to inject disinfectant
  6. Trump got literally got impeached
  7. Trump mocked disabled people and veterans
  8. Trump cut funds for climate change research and pulled out of the Paris climate agreement
  9. Trump gassed peaceful protesters for a photoshoot
  10. Trump spent record-breaking amounts of time on vacation or playing golf while pocketing taxpayer money every time he did
  11. Trump issued pardons for criminals who worked on his campaign
  12. Trump called neo-nazis “very fine people”
  13. Trump imposed a racist travel ban
  14. Trump paid less income tax than every single person he knows

Only then would he vote for a “corrupt Democrat.”

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