Experts Worried About Western NY Confidence Crash, Petition Bills to Lose as Reminder “Life Sucks”

Buffalo, NY – Local mental health experts report that Western NY confidence has not been this high since right before the stock market crashed in 1929. Their shared worry is that if the Buffalo Bills continue to be undefeated for much longer, that when they do lose, the inflated sense of “things being good” will burst, and local relationships will suffer because of it.

“These Bills fans are putting all their eggs in one basket,” says psychologist Kelsey Gomath. “Through testing, I have found the majority of my client’s wellbeing now is completely dependent on Josh Allen. While they derive no happiness from family or work, they are learning they can count on that young man’s rocket arm to bring them joy on Sundays. It’s simply not sustainable.”

Gomath and her colleagues are petitioning to the Buffalo Bills organization to throw the next game to bring confidence levels down to Earth.

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