Local Man Hits Milestone: 30 Years of Not Knowing How To Merge Off Can Of Worms

Rochester, NY – Tom Lorco of Webster just unknowingly hit an important anniversary for any Rochesterian. After 30 years of doing the same commute, he’s still not figured out how to merge at the intersection of Interstate 490 and 590. Known locally as the Can Of Worms.

Lorco takes 490 east home and when it’s time to get onto 590 north near Blossom, his mind reportedly goes blank. He then proceeds to slow down to a screeching halt, not use his turn signal, block traffic, and sit there timidly until some other person who does not know how to drive lets him into the lane.

Experts predict Lorco’s driving has caused at least 10 fender benders in his lifetime and also at least 50 divorces by the stress he causes other drivers.

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