Local Birthday Parade Turns Out To Be The Puerto Rican Festival In Disguise

Rochester, NY – With stay at home orders still in effect, Rochester festivals are having to get creative if they want to continue in 2020.

If you look carefully at the next Happy Birthday parade beeping down your street you might notice something extra special about it. It could just be the Puerto Rican Festival in hidden in plain sight.

If you see any tiny little Puerto Rican flags, hear Daddy Yankee music, or smell Mofongo, you’re probably looking at the 2020 version of one of Rochester’s biggest cultural celebrations.

Organizers say moving the festival around like this may actually be an improvement.  According to one of the festival’s leaders,”it helps to keep it from getting broken up by the police and also the Puerto Rican festival was never in just one spot ever. It was in all of our hearts.”

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