Less Traffic Due to Stay at Home Measures Provides City Extra Time Not to Fix Any Potholes

Rochester, NY – With New York State’s stay-at-home measures extended until May 15, the city has seen a dramatic decline in vehicles on the road. This has provided a huge opportunity to fix another of the city’s plagues, POT-HOLES.

The Inner Loop Blog caught up with a city worker, ‘What have we been doing? Uh, Ya know, a little bit of dis, a little bit of dat. I move the cones over here, then they’re like No Larry, over there! so I move em over there.’

City residents agree that now would be a perfect time to take care of the issue. ‘The streets are clear, why aren’t those holes being filled in?,’ Angela Lambert, a Dewey Ave resident demanded. ‘We’ve got a hole so damn big, if yo momma fell in she’d still be scraping the sides.’ ‘Oh don’t get me started, that hole so big, it looks like yo momma’s downstairs after she gave birth to your big ass head. Do not get me started!’

The city and my momma declined to comment on the pothole issue.

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