Kettle Corn Booth Unaware of Cancellation Sets up in Open Field

Rochester NY – What was supposed to be the opening weekend of the Lilac Festival come and gone, not everyone was alerted of this year’s cancellation. Charlie Hansen, 56 of Albion who runs a kettle corn stand traveling all over New York state set up in the park despite no one else being there. The Inner Loop Blog caught up with Charlie.

Yeah, I know it’s canceled. But let me tell you this: about a week ago, as I’m getting into bed, next to my lovely wife Sharon Hansen of 26 years, I hear this voice whisper ‘If you pop it, they will come.’ I shot up in bed and was like what the hey, you hear that Sharon and she was like hear what? I told you you should go see that doctor. Anyways, I heard it a few more times and here I am.

During the interview a crowd of people emerged from out of no where and approached the booth, lining up. ‘Hey I gotta get to poppin’!’ Charlie quickly ended the interview and started stirring around the kernels with that big oar, the smell was infectious and I got into line myself.

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