Social Distancing: Lux Bartenders Will Now Ignore You Curbside

Rochester, NY- With the social distancing requirements in New York State, many bars and restaurants have been forced to get creative as a way to stay open.

South Wedge hotspot Lux Lounge has announced its bartenders will now ignore you curbside as you pull up in the safety of your car.

Patrons are encouraged to drive up any time between 8pm and 2am, roll down their windows and try desperately to make eye contact before they get frustrated and give up.

“Whether you want a PBR, a shot, or a highball, we wanted to make sure you still can’t get one at Lux. Even if you can’t go inside”, they announced in a Facebook post.

We reached out to one of their bartenders for comment but as of press time they were still chatting with their friends.

One thought on “Social Distancing: Lux Bartenders Will Now Ignore You Curbside”

  1. Funny, they’ve never ignored me. Maybe it’s you?
    Pretty sure it’s you.

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